FB Messenger's Conversations and Chats

  • You can track the text messages and activity log on your mobile device as well as filter content to block access to certain resources.
  • Tracking Chat Messages
  • Control the target device worldwide. You only need a computer, a smartphone or a tablet with a steady Internet connection.
  • Interception of Phone Calls

Real-Time Tracking

  • Having hacked the target Facebook account, you can read all messages, view images, and even check the audio files the users exchange in between. This will help you understand to whom and what the target user is talking about, and how much time s/he is spending on the social media.
  • Tracking a Facebook Account Online

Current GPS Location

  • GPS location tracking feature allows you to see a target user's current location on a detailed map as well as view the history of travel routes for a certain period of time. The location will be successfully detected even if no GPS signal is available.
  • GPS Location Tracking

Enjoy Advanced Tracking Features

Call log

View the log of incoming/outgoing calls with contact information, timestamps and call duration.

Text Messages

Read all incoming/outgoing text messages even after they have been deleted from the device.

GPS Tracking

Track the device's current GPS location and view the location history.

Browsing History

Check your device's browser history, including searches made in private mode.

Messenger App

Get access to data stored in Messenger including chat history, call log, contact list and archive files.

Stay Hidden

Mobile phone spyware operates in private mode so that the target user can't figure out that he is being followed.

Multimedia Files

View photos, videos and other media files shared or stored in a target device's memory.

Other Data

Get information about emails, installed apps, notes, calendars etc.

Use it now!

Facebook Posts

Get access to the phone conversations. Follow your kids on Facebook to read their messages, access media files and voice messages. Track the activity log via Messenger to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Multimedia Files

View all photos, videos and text messages sent and received via Facebook Messenger. Track the files of a loved one with FbSpy to make sure they are safe and staying away from strangers.

Why Should I track Someone on Facebook?

In the modern world, people often need to have digital control over the loved ones. Facebook is a platform, where people communicate and meet new friends. Tracking the activity of loved ones, you can protect them from cyber threats and unwanted communication.

Choose Your Plan

Start monitoring using Facebook Spy Phone in 3 simple steps.

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One number Basic
99 .00 /usd 149.00 $
user 2
Three numbers Optimal
237 .00 /usd 387.00 $
user 3
Five numbers Business
345 .00 /usd 545.00 $

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Start Remote Tracking

The application interface is very simple and easy to use. You will easily figure out how to use it. The Dashboard contains separate tabs for each individual feature.

How It Works
Start Tracking Now!

To launch remote tracking session, enter the target phone number in international format or user ID and click Launch button to hack a target Facebook page.

Monitoring Application Performance

Follow the process of receiving data and uploading the archive files to your Dashboard online. Once the process is complete, you will be able to follow Facebook and Messenger users via the Dashboard.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Choose a suitable pricing plan and pay for the services using convenient payment method. Transaction processing speed depends on the chosen payment system, but usually payments are processed instantly.


If you've been looking for the best way to spy on someone else's Facebook account, here you go.
Let's discuss the most important issues.

Can I spy on someone else's Facebook account for free?

You can hack someone else's Facebook or Messenger by using our affiliate program and earning the required amount of money.

Will the other person get to know that I am spying on him?

This application is completely confidential and anonymous. However, if you do anything with a target Facebook profile, the account owner will be able to notice these actions and change the password.

Do I need to gain physical access to the target mobile device?

You can get full remote access to someone else's Facebook account and Messenger without ever touching a victim's phone or tablet.

Can I track the location via Facebook or Messenger?

We integrated FbSpy location tracking feature into the Dashboard and included it in the standard set of app features. FbSpy tracks user location online with maximum accuracy.

Tracking Facebook Messenger Online | FbSpy

Customer Testimonials

Here you can read what our clients say about us. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions on the page User Reviews

Penny Powell
I'm amazed about the fact what FbSpy can do to keep us safe. FbSpy is perfect for our family because it allows my husband and me to keep track of our children's daily online interactions and travel routes via GPS tracking. A+ performance, totally recommend!
Lance Moore
You will never truly understand what it means to worry about someone until you become a parent. Our children think they are adults and often do whatever they want. For better or worse, now I at least know who they are talking to.
Nicole Jimenez
This tracking tool has quickly become my favourite spy app in the AppStore. App developers upgraded it many times and have almost reached a perfection. This is a very valuable tool for every user out there.
Sasha Kehl
It is more than just a spy app. It offers both innovative and traditional tools. Every parent needs this app to know what his children are up to.

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Security Architecture

When using FbSpy, the user pays for services only upon completion of the hacking procedure and data verification.


International Customer Support

First-class customer service operating around the clock will solve all your problmes. Just contact us and get advice from a competent manager.


Regular Updates

A team of technical experts keeps working on new updates to enhance the features and performance of this application.

Hacking Facebook Messenger for Remote Tracking of Someone Else's Account

Use FbSpy as a versatile spy tool for tracking someone else's Facebook and Messenger to cope with any situation in life. Thanks to this app, you will be able to track the activity of various target groups including children, teens, employees, spouses and your loved ones. A Facebook tracking app like FbSpy can help you tackle many personal and business tasks.

FbSpy is the most effective way to better understand people and their intentions by tracking their online activity and private messages. Control any conversation during audio and video calls as well as in chat and Messenger app via the Dashboard. The application also saves hidden messages which are protected from viewing on other devices. FbSpy is the best modern solution for tracking Facebook. Thanks to this app, now you can track the following things:

  • Get Facebook Messenger's login details;
  • List of accounts and the names of people your loved ones communicate with;
  • Sent and received messages as well as group chats;
  • Date and time of reading messages and recording of calls;
  • Full list of multimedia files in chats including photo and video files, audio messages and other content.
Once the tracking session has been launched, all this and other related information from the target Facebook account history will be uploaded to your Dashboard. You can log in to the Dashboard on any device that supports a web browser. To log in to the Dashboard on a new device, simply enter the FbSpy login details.

Still wondering how to safely spy on someone else's Facebook account and Messenger? Everything is in your hands now - create an account on FbSpy, launch the app, and start tracking the activity of target profile. You will get access to the most effective and free spy app for hacking Facebook Messenger that you will definitely like. Always make sure that your loved ones are safe, learn where your employees are at the moment and who your spouse is communicating with.

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