Tracking Facebook Messenger with FbSpy App

  • Use the online application to learn what your children, relatives and employees of your company are up to. With FbSpy, you can safely track your incoming and outgoing messages without having access to the target phone. Even deleted messages will be available for download on a single Dashboard.
  • FbSpy allows you to track not only conversations in the Messenger app, but also incoming and outgoing SMS messages stored in the target device's memory. You can also download MMS and multimedia files.

Remote Smartphone Control

  • FbSpy is a Facebook Messenger remote spy that allows you to read all Messenger chats without having access to a victim's device. The online application has all required features to ensure full tracking of activity in social networks, leaving no room for mistakes.

Text Messages

Track all messages of a Messenger user. With FbSpy, you will always be aware of who your loved ones are communicating with in the Facebook application, and what they are talking about. Use the Dashboard to view the messages that have been removed from the conversation.


View all the media files shared by a user in MMS. Keep track of the content of each message and attachments. Please be assured that they do not contain any personal photos or prohibited information.

Why Use FbSpy?

Do your employees use SMS messages as a method of communication, or are they just passing their time in chats? With FbSpy you will find out the truth about any conversations that your employees have during business hours.

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Start Remote Tracking

The application interface is very simple and easy to use. You will easily figure out how to use it. The Dashboard contains separate tabs for each individual feature.

How It Works
Start Tracking Now!

To launch remote tracking session, enter the target phone number in international format or user ID and click Launch button to hack a target Facebook page.

Monitoring Application Performance

Follow the process of receiving data and uploading the archive files to your Dashboard online. Once the process is complete, you will be able to follow Facebook and Messenger users via the Dashboard.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Choose a suitable pricing plan and pay for the services using convenient payment method. Transaction processing speed depends on the chosen payment system, but usually payments are processed instantly.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on your Facebook account, FbSpy is ready to help.
Let's discuss the possible problematic issues.

Can I access Messenger's chat history?

Yes, you can. Once you have launched the tracking session and hacked Facebook,the text messages will be downloaded from the application backup to the Dashboard.

How often does FbSpy update the message history?

FbSpy syncs your account history and displays new messages on the Dashboard according to the update interval settings. You can set a time span for updates somewhere between 5 minutes and 24 hours. Keep in mind that the target device must be connected to the Internet for the FbSpy interface to sync with it.

Can I track Facebook and Messenger chats without having access to the device?

To launch the tracking session with FbSpy, you don't need to have access to the target device. Just enter a phone number to start following Facebook Messenger chats from anywhere in the world using your Dashboard.

Can you recover deleted messages in the Messenger app?

The Facebook app syncs all messages including deleted ones with account history. If backup is activated on your smartphone, then you can download all messages and attachments to your Dashboard even after they have been deleted from the target device.

How to Use the Online FbSpy App to Track Text Messages

Are you worried about your kids spending all their time on their smartphones? Would you like to know who and what about does your better half is communicating with? Do you want to learn what the employees are talking about during the working hours? With FbSpy, you will find out everything you need to know, reading Messenger correspondence and SMS messages. Launch the tracking session in a matter of a few minutes, and use the intuitive interface of Dashboard to get all required data.

Use FbSpy Online Application to do the Following Things:

  • Track text messages sent or received by a target user.
  • View deleted messages stored in Facebook Messenger's history.
  • Check the audio and video call logs along with their time and date as well as duration and name of the partner in conversation.
  • See saved contacts with names, phone numbers and assigned photos.
  • Track browser history, information about visited websites and a list of favorites.
  • Take a photo every time the user unlocks the phone to track who is actually using the device.
  • Detect a user's current location and track the travel routes with addresses and stops.
  • Receive notifications on the Dashboard every time the user changes one SIM card to another.
  • Stay in private mode to safely track all the activity of the compromised device.

Legality of Use of Spyware Applications for Tracking Text Messages in Messenger

Hacking a device and extracting information from a social network can be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. Therefore, you must determine whether you have a right to compromise the device of your interest. More often than not, it is legal to compromise a device that you own.

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