This Policy governs Conditions of Purchase for the FbSpy package.

Please read this agreement and carefully check all its clauses.

2. Refund Policy:

Pursuant to this Refund Policy, you are entitled to a full refund within 3 days after the purchase date given that your reasons do not contradict the terms of the Refund Policy set forth below:

2.1. Refunds are not issued after 3 days from the payment date.

2.2. Refunds can only be issued on the first purchase of FbSpy. Refund requests will be rejected for each subsequent purchase.

2.3. Refunds cannot be issued if the user either refuses to follow the instructions provided by the customer support specialist or does not follow them in full.

2.4. To start the returns procedure, you must send the appropriate request via our feedback system located at

We do not accept the refund requests created in any other way.

2.5. The form must include the FbSpy profile ID, personal account authorization login, the number of payment receipt or its copy as well as the date and time of transaction.

2.6. Refund decision will be made within seven business days from the date of acceptance of the refund request by the customer support.

2.7. Refunds can only be issued to a verified PayPal wallet; other payment gateways are not supported now.

3. Reasons for Declining a Refund Request:

Refunds to the FbSpy user are not issued under circumstances that do not depend on software functionality and are of unpredictable nature. They imply the following cases:

3.1. The user's device has lost Internet access after launching a computer session. It can happen for the following reasons:

  • The status of Internet service provider was updated;
  • Device system settings were reset;
  • The versions of operating system or browser were updated;
  • Current connection suddenly got broken.

3.2. Target device lost Internet access. It can happen for the following reasons:

  • Insufficient funds on the account balance;
  • Temporary service breakdown (termination of the agreement with Internet service provider);
  • Internet connection problem related to roaming;
  • Mobile operator has changed causing a loss of connection;
  • Target device has been reset to the factory settings.

3.3. Security architecture of the Facebook was massively updated within a day from launching the session.

3.4. The user did not save the encrypted authorization data (login and password) on time.

3.5. The user refused to use FbSpy for personal reasons: he either changed his mind or made a mistake when buying the software product, the software product was not used etc.

3.6. The user provided incorrect data for the target account (phone number or login).

3.7. Operating system installed on target device differs from the supported ones such as iOS, An-droid, Windows and MacOS.

3.8. The social network application on the user's device has not been updated to the current version.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or you wish to amend your personal data or remove your profile from our database, please send us email at [email protected] with the subject line "Refund Policy" .