How Does FbSpy Monitor Call Logs?

  • Using FbSpy, you can remotely track all the calls received and made from a phone or a tablet. You can instantly check the names and numbers of all callers and other details including time, date and geographic coordinates. FbSpy monitors call logs in safe and reliable ways so that you will never want to give up using it.

Why Would You Need to Spy on Someone Else's Call Logs?

  • It is important to know who your child or staff is calling to in their spare or working time. After all, you want to make sure that your child isn't engaging in risky activities or that your employee isn't passing valuable company information to the competitors. Fortunately, FbSpy spy log feature facilitates tracking of any phone call. Parents will be able to identify the caller as well as time, duration and amount of the calls made.

Track and Manage the Calls

Get full information about every call made or received on a monitored phone including Caller ID, phone number, duration and date. You can also block unwanted numbers.

Call Logs

View a list of incoming and outgoing calls on your child's phone. Use FbSpy to restrict interactions with unwanted people.

View All the Activities

Using the app, you get to view all the voice calls and record the answers given by a user of target device.


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Let's discuss the most important issues.

Can I track the calls made using the cellular network outside of the Messenger app?

The application monitors the calls via the protocol of mobile operator. Thus, you will be able to track any calls of any kind made from a compromised device including the ones made from a mobile phone or with Telegram, Skype, Facebook etc.

Can I download the call log?

Yes, you can download all the call logs to your device from the corresponding section of the Dashboard.

What information will be displayed in the call logs section?

The following information will be available in the call logs section: a phone number, date and time of the call, call status, name, and photo of the caller.

How can I use Call Logs for cost analysis?

To complete the cost analysis, you can download the Information for your main and additional numbers into an Excel spreadsheet.

FbSpy Tracker: The Way of Controlling the Communication of Loved Ones

The Benefits of Using FbSpy Call Tracking Feature

FbSpy provides you with a chronological log of all the incoming and outgoing calls. You get the following comprehensive information about all the calls with the phone call tracking feature:

  • Time and status of incoming, outgoing or missed calls
  • Duration and type of audio or video calls
  • Caller's number, name and photo
  • GPS coordinates of the call made
  • Full list of saved contacts

You can benefit from using phone call tracker in so many ways that we can hardly choose the ones that will suit you best. Explore the following features of FbSpy application:

Phone call tracker can record your phone calls for security purposes. This feature suits those with a responsible position. Dissemination of incorrect information or disclosure of the rendered services can damage the company's reputation. However, you can always protect your rights by recording the conversations of your partners in conversations. You can also use any records of threats and unethical behaviour against your partners in conversations.

Locating your children or loved ones with FbSpy will increase family safety and your personal peace of mind. Not being able to locate them, you can't be sure whether your loved ones are safe. Controlling the travel routes of employees will help to optimize business processes and reduce logistics costs. Start tracking phone location via Facebook to stay calm in the modern world.

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