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Tracking of any mobile phone is now possible, of any brand, model and operator.

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26 Августа 2019
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Любая информация о клиентах хранится на сервере ресурса в зашифрованном виде. Программное обеспечение совместимо с устройствами, основанными на следующих платформах: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Symbian и BlackBerry. Полученная информация защищена политикой конфиденциальности.

Track Conversations in FB Messenger

  • You will be able to download any photos, images or audio recordings attached to the target correspondence. The attachments can be viewed in a single Dashboard from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Tracking Chat Messages
  • You can read all the messages, track files, check the audio recordings of calls that are made on a user's device. This can be very useful when you need to analyse whom your loved one or employee are communicating with during business hours.
  • Interception of Phone Calls

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger

  • FbSpy is the easiest way to securely track someone else's FB Messenger conversations. The application allows you to intercept messages, wiretap the calls, and view received and sent files. Affiliate program allows hack Facebook for free.

Geolocating The Target User

  • Track travel routes and current location of the target user on a map in real time. Find out current whereabouts of your loved one or a company employee. Go to the Dashboard to see a detailed map with the geolocation points of your interest.
  • GPS Location Tracking

FbSpy Features


All incoming and outgoing calls are displayed with the time stamps, duration of a call and caller ID.


App user gets all sent, received or deleted messages along with the attachments.

GPS Tracking

App reflects current location of a target user on a map, providing the history of travel routes and indicating the addresses and stops.

Browsing History

Get all the information about visited websites, screen time spent on the resource as well as the list of bookmarks and favourites.


Get access to chat history, sent and received files, audio and video calls made through the Messenger app.

Hidden Monitoring

Discreetly monitor someone else's Facebook profile activity without fear of being caught.

Photos and Videos

Gain control over media files sent, received, downloaded or stored in the device's memory.

Other Activity

FbSpy provides full list of contacts, calendar, email, Wi-Fi hotspots and other relevant information.

Use it now!

Facebook Tracking

Tracking remotely Facebook Messenger, you can also control the session status, that is, enable or disable monitoring process without having to access the target device. This feature can be used to locate a lost device.

Access the List of Files

Monitor all the photos, videos, audio files and documents exchanged by the target user with other users via Messenger and SMS. You can view and download the files to any device from the Dashboard.

Read the Correspondence

Track all sent, received and even deleted messages. You can also get the following data about the messages: date and time of sending, the name of sender and message status. The app can tackle Jailbreaking and rooting.

Choose Your Plan

Start monitoring using Facebook Spy Phone in 3 simple steps.

1 2 3
One number Basic
40 .00 USD 65.00 $
user 2
Three numbers Optimal
70 .00 USD 85.00 $
user 3
Five numbers Business
90 .00 USD 110.00 $

Monitor Remotely Someone Else's FB Messenger Account in 3 Easy Steps

To access the tracking feature, you have to follow three simple steps:

Start Tracking Now!

To launch remote tracking session, enter the target phone number in international format or user ID and click Launch button to hack a target Facebook page.

Monitoring Application Performance

Follow the process of receiving data and uploading the archive files to your Dashboard online. Once the process is complete, you will be able to follow Facebook and Messenger users via the Dashboard.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Choose a suitable pricing plan and pay for the services using convenient payment method. Transaction processing speed depends on the chosen payment system, but usually payments are processed instantly.


If you've been looking for the best way to spy on someone else's Facebook account, here you go.
Let's discuss the most important issues.

How can I track someone else's Facebook profile posts?

FbSpy Parental Control feature allows you to track someone else's profile activity on Facebook and in the Messenger app. You can hack Facebook remotely without having to physically access the target device.

How to track deleted messages on Facebook?

Facebook keeps a backup copy of the user's correspondence along with deleted messages. Hence, once the FbSpy's monitoring session has been launched, deleted messages will also be available for viewing on the Dashboard.

Can FbSpy track keystrokes during active monitoring session?

Yes, once you have launched Facebook account tracking session, you will also be able to use the Keylogger feature. That is, our app will keep a log of the keys pressed on the target device regardless of which application is currently in use.

Can I view Facebook messages when the target device is disconnected from the Internet?

You can read a Facebook user's correspondence that was saved in the account backup copy before the device was turned off. As soon as the connection is restored, new messages will be visible on the Dashboard.

Tracking Facebook Messenger Online | FbSpy

Customer Testimonials

Here you can read what our clients say about us. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions on the page User Reviews

Penny Powell
I'm amazed about the fact what FbSpy can do to keep us safe. FbSpy is perfect for our family because it allows my husband and me to keep track of our children's daily online interactions and travel routes via GPS tracking. A+ performance, totally recommend!
Mark Simon
I've used a whole bunch of different spy apps, but none of them is like FbSpy. I got the full set of much needed features at good price!
John C.
Most of these apps track Facebook messages. But only a few can be launched remotely. Online tracking helps me control my employees.
Sasha Kehl
It is more than just a spy app. It offers both innovative and traditional tools. Every parent needs this app to know what his children are up to.

Track Facebook Messenger activity to instantly know what your loved ones are currently up to!

FbSpy tracks all the Facebook messages sent from a phone or a tablet. The application also saves audio and video files attached to Facebook posts. In this way, you can track Facebook messages online.

Use modern spy app FbSpy to deal with any situation in life. Thanks to this app, you will be able to closely monitor social media activity of various age groups and categories such as children, teens, employees or loved ones. A Facebook tracking app like FbSpy can help you tackle many personal and business tasks.

Amazing Features of FbSpy

Enjoy incredible set of features available in the spy app FbSpy. Thanks to these features, you can monitor any Facebook account without being caught by an account owner. Moreover, you can launch the monitoring session directly from the app website and you don't even need to physically access a victim's device. Even the beginning user will be able to deal with the online application because the full range of features is available on the Dashboard that can be accessed from any device.

Why FbSpy is the Best Facebook Messenger Spy App?

If you are concerned about the doings of your kids on social media, this app is your right choice. Perhaps your employees are wasting time chatting about nothing during business hours. You can easily find out what they are actually doing in Facebook. Just launch the monitoring session and get all the required information. To launch the monitoring session, you just need to specify a link to a target profile, a phone number or account ID. After that, you will be able to see and download all important information from the Dashboard in real time. This online Facebook hacking app is always operating in a hidden mode.

Use advanced app features to track a user's location, gain access to his multimedia files, and view sent and received SMS messages. The range of services depends on the chosen pricing plan. Therefore, you just have to decide what features you want to use to discreetly learn some information about a person of your interest. No matter what you are up to, the FbSpy tracking application will help you safely and quickly achieve your goals. Don't waste your time worrying and hesitating about things you want to learn, just go ahead and buy this app to start spying on someone else right now!

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