Real Time GPS Tracker for Facebook Messenger

  • Track the location of your family members and employees in real time. Use FbSpy to simultaneously view information about the current coordinates of several devices on a single Dashboard.
  • To get the coordinates of Facebook user's location, just enter the phone number linked to the target account. You will be able to quickly locate the target user and get the history of his travel routes and stops.

How to Track Mobile Phone Location Online

  • FbSpy collects information about the location of cellular devices. The software can track the mobile phone location by determining the base station IDs and strength of cellular signal.
  • The Wi-Fi activity detection feature will tell you which wireless networks the compromised device was connected to during the specified period of time.

Facebook Posts

Get access to the phone conversations. Follow your kids on Facebook to read their messages, access media files and voice messages. Track the activity log via Messenger to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Multimedia Files

View all photos, videos and text messages sent and received via Facebook Messenger. Track the files of a loved one with FbSpy to make sure they are safe and staying away from strangers.

Why Should I track Someone on Facebook?

In the modern world, people often need to have digital control over the loved ones. Facebook is a platform, where people communicate and meet new friends. Tracking the activity of loved ones, you can protect them from cyber threats and unwanted communication.

Please note that to use the Facebook messenger feature, Android devices need rooting whereas iOS devices require jailbreaking.

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Start Remote Tracking

The application interface is very simple and easy to use. You will easily figure out how to use it. The Dashboard contains separate tabs for each individual feature.

How It Works
Start Tracking Now!

To launch remote tracking session, enter the target phone number in international format or user ID and click Launch button to hack a target Facebook page.

Monitoring Application Performance

Follow the process of receiving data and uploading the archive files to your Dashboard online. Once the process is complete, you will be able to follow Facebook and Messenger users via the Dashboard.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Choose a suitable pricing plan and pay for the services using convenient payment method. Transaction processing speed depends on the chosen payment system, but usually payments are processed instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track and control travel routes using FbSpy?

You can track someone's travel history by launching FbSpy with their phone number. The online application will automatically read the coordinates every 300 seconds and build travel routes based on the obtained data.

Will the person be able to find out that their location is being tracked?

FbSpy interacts with the mobile operator's protocol without interfering with the work of target device. Facebook's security algorithms do not signal intervention.

Should parents track their child's whereabouts?

While it is important to trust your children and allow them to be independent, you can never be completely sure about how safe they really are. It is especially true if you live in potentially hazardous areas. FbSpy will allow you to stay informed of your child's whereabouts without having to call them and ask about it.

Tracking Facebook Messenger Online | FbSpy

Tracking GPS Location on Mobile Phone with FbSpy

Want to know how to locate someone with a GPS tracker? FbSpy is one of the best GPS tracking tools for mobile phones. It helps to identify the geolocation of a mobile phone using GPS coordinates and allows you to track travel history in real time.

Since FbSpy is consent-free to launch, you will be able to track the location of any user knowing only their SIM card number. Our monitoring application can assist you with both business and family matters.

How to Locate a Lost Device via Messenger

You can easily track the location of mobile devices with FbSpy. You can also find your lost or stolen gadget. The entire process will take around 3 minutes. You can also find out where your loved ones are spending their free time and how efficient your employees are during their working hours.

Is it legal to control someone else's Facebook profile?

Yes, it is especially when it concerns your underage children. What comes to the employees, their devices can be controlled if they are owned by you and registered in your name. In all other cases, you need to comply with the current legislation.

How can I find out my child's whereabouts via Facebook?

To do this, simply enter the phone number linked to the target account during registration and launch the monitoring session online. After that, you can track all the relevant data in real time on your Dashboard. Your child won't ever learn that his location is being monitored and his parents are aware of his whereabouts.

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