Nowadays, children are having too much 'screen time'. Hence, to ensure their safety, parents should monitor their activity, control the social circles and visited websites.

FB Messenger controls children's activity
FbSpy Monitors Your Kids

FbSpy is the leading parental control app. It is fully compatible with any type of smartphones, tablets and PCs. To launch the app, you don't need to configure or prepare the target device in any way. All you need is to provide a link to the target page, phone number or profile ID.

FbSpy: Monitor Internet Activity with Care

Parental Control App for iPhone and Android | FbSpy

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Start Remote Tracking

The application interface is very simple and easy to use. You will easily figure out how to use it. The Dashboard contains separate tabs for each individual feature.

How It Works
Start Tracking Now!

To launch remote tracking session, enter the target phone number in international format or user ID and click Launch button to hack a target Facebook page.

Monitoring Application Performance

Follow the process of receiving data and uploading the archive files to your Dashboard online. Once the process is complete, you will be able to follow Facebook and Messenger users via the Dashboard.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Choose a suitable pricing plan and pay for the services using convenient payment method. Transaction processing speed depends on the chosen payment system, but usually payments are processed instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to remotely control the target device?

There are several ways to monitor a Facebook account remotely. For example, you can block unwanted websites, apps, contacts, and Wi-Fi networks on the Dashboard. You can also monitor and track the keystrokes from the device screen.

Is there a way to start parental controls without downloading an app to my phone?

FbSpy is launched and managed remotely. All the working stages including the launch and download of the archive take place on a single Dashboard.

Can you simultaneously control several devices?

Yes. You can do it at an extra cost. You can add more target devices on your Dashboard. All in all, you can simultaneously monitor up to five devices from different categories.

What are the software system requirements?

To launch FbSpy, you only need a steady Internet connection and an up-to-date browser version to access your Dashboard.

Ensuring Children's Safety with FbSpy Parental Control App

Wondering whether to fully or partially monitor your kids' activity? Not having enough reasons to use the parental control apps? Give FbSpy features a try to appreciate the complete peace of mind you are going to have, knowing what your family members or company employees are up to in the Internet. Learn what websites your loved ones visit and protect them from unwanted communication. Protect your company's financial information and confidential data. FbSpy can limit screen time during Internet activity. Doing so, you can protect your child from unwanted actions and influences.

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