Frami Elwyn

Is it possible to withdraw the funds from affiliate program?

email 02.04.2020 в 10:09


To withdraw the funds from affiliate account, please go to the Dashboard. To initiate the transaction, specify the wallet address and withdrawal amount in the address field.

02.04.2020 в 16:00


Having tried several other methods and failed I was close to giving up when I heard about app from a friend. I was nearly put off by having to pay in Bitcoins as I’ve not bought any before but even that was easy. I had access to target account within a hour of finding the website!!!

email 01.04.2020 в 19:06

Leah Foreman

Great app and qualified customer support. Thank you for your help! I think it is a must-have tool for everyone

facebook 01.04.2020 в 13:36

Sky Hayley

My daughter seems to be texting 24/7 to all her friends. However, with the help of this soft I can get the messages sent and have a look, if I need to check her. And it does not show any traces of the program being launched; otherwise, I think there will be a real quarrel. However, I believe that she is in the age when a little more control is better than meager control.

instagram 27.03.2020 в 21:35

Ghulam Mahiodeen

I got my WhatsApp history but all I wanted is to recover my account on the new device. How to do it? Please help.

gmail 14.03.2020 в 23:10


Having launched monitoring session, you received the QR code on your Dashboard. Please go to WhatsApp Web on your device and scan it with your device camera. Recover procedure will start right after code scanning is completed.

21.07.2024 в 21:52


I read whole website, but still can’t find any compatibility info. I need to track activity on iPhone 11. Will I succeed in this?

instagram 08.03.2020 в 04:23


WhaSpy is fully compatible with all devices with mobile connection including iPhone.

08.03.2020 в 09:48

Chayon Roy

Very easy to use…very easy to understand. Especially from a half-witted, non-techie guy like me. I launched it on my wife's phone and got all of the texts I was looking for. The location detecting feature, while nice and well functioned, worked well but it just was not of particular interest for me. But others may find it very useful. All-in-all a good program and well worth 70 bucks!…IMO…

instagram 14.02.2020 в 00:40


I have to deposit account every time I want to launch monitoring session! I need to do it several times a week. Please fix this!

email 12.02.2020 в 19:15


You can replenish your balance and enable new sessions as you go. WhaSpy exploits encryption mechanisms to completely ensure safety of the funds and let user access the funds at any time.

13.02.2020 в 09:44

MD Golam Rahman

This app is being advertised as family monitoring solution, and so it is - doing perfect job in monitoring whatsapp account, monitoring chats and so on. On their site they clearly described that any illegal activity (i.e. spying on others) is prohibited - however there are always people who are scared of everything, and give such apps bad reputation. I always say that people break the laws, not tools they use. Similarly to how knife can be used for cutting your bread, but also to hurt someone. Choose wisely what you do - because there's nothing wrong in such apps if you use them according to their purpose.

instagram 06.02.2020 в 11:19

Md. Kamruj Jaman

I accidentally deposited more BTC than needed. I contacted customer support requesting the refund. I got everything back in half an hour! Very happy with your service, customer support rules so I highly recommend.

gmail 31.01.2020 в 03:50

William Amy Cummins

Its easy for use. 
I have a good results and quick. 
Its very clear and intuitive.

facebook 12.01.2020 в 00:51


Hi, will any of the install evidence be displayed on the target Cell Phone? I want to monitor Samsung Galaxy S6

gmail 31.12.2019 в 08:39


WhaSpy fully support monitoring of the Samsung Galaxy S6 so you will be able to proceed with monitoring without any problems. One of the features of Highster is invisible monitoring which includes sending the command in the background.

31.12.2019 в 12:44

Dini Werk H

Please add free test launch! It’s always easier to make decision when you know what you are about to get.

tw 23.12.2019 в 01:09


I had the awesome experience of working with whaspy...It was excellent... I can't say enough positive things...everything they claim is true..the app works issues what so ever. I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone...well worth the money.

email 18.12.2019 в 13:10


Everything works well, but application doesn’t detect the location correctly. That’s not cool when it points the location a few blocks too far. You had to warn users about it that’s why I am giving you only 4/5.

facebook 10.12.2019 в 15:52

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