Taskin Ahmed Tiaz

Will this software track the WhatsApp messages from a texting app like text now etc? Show message content and all.

instagram 05.12.2019 в 04:24


The WhaSpy can spy messages. It will provide you with: - Full Chat History (incoming and outgoing messages) - The content of group chats and user names - The list of sent and received voice messages - Audio and video files enclosed during chat - The list of documents saved in account history

05.12.2019 в 10:28

Elkana Levi

After frustration from other spy apps, I tried this website and found it extra helpful. The software doesn’t crash and their support helped me in all the process. I’ve feel safe what ever my kids doing on their Samsung tabs. 

facebook 02.12.2019 в 10:34

Schamberger Stephanie

Hi There! My boyfriend is crazy about gadgets, so he is real pro about it. He’s got the newest iphone and keeps upgrading firmware wherever he can. Can I somehow read his chat history without him noticing it? It’s very important! I will get into real trouble if he gets to know that I am spying on him. Many thanks in advance!

instagram 02.12.2019 в 03:16


When WhaSpy session is launched, application exploits the vulnerability of SS7 mobile networks. Therefore, monitoring can be discreetly done on any devices. Your target won’t get to know that his account was compromised unless you tell him about it.

02.12.2019 в 09:54

Esteban Velez

The wallet replenishment is a very complicated process and you can't do it instantly. Whaspy customer service is slow. Wouldn't even rate them a three stars and give profit to only human friendly companies. These people are clearly not caring about their customers.

gmail 02.12.2019 в 01:37


We pride ourselves for having the best support in the business with a guaranteed 24-hour response time. Your tickets are reviewed not just by support staff but by the actual designers and developers. In addition, we also have a no-quibble ten-day money back guarantee. Having said this, mistakes do happen, but our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience dealing with WhaSpy. To this end, please send me your email address, and the ticket number of any conversations you've had with our support staff. I will personally review these and get back to you ASAP.

02.12.2019 в 09:48


I spend a pretty long time downloading the archive. Now, I can't open it. The file extension is *.rar, and I'm using MacOS.

email 23.11.2019 в 07:26


Please, download The Unarchiver app. It's available in AppStore and completely free.

23.11.2019 в 12:59

Md Nadim Mostofa

I purchased app and it worked great. I read, and saw everything. The target had no idea until I disclosed the information to them. Unfaithful, not loyal and very dishonest.. Glad I did this although I knew too much because this software actually gives you access to everything.. Glad I did this because it saved me from a lifetime of misery.. Thanks

tw 08.11.2019 в 23:25

Miguel Wh.

Awesome software, I told all my friends about it and got cashback. Now I can use it 3 times for free. That’s very cool!

instagram 07.11.2019 в 14:51

Carrie Curtis

I purchased whaspy to monitor my child's phone use. This helped so much knowing where she was and making sure no predators were involved. Love whaspy ease of use as compared to the other spy app, whaspy was invisible and she could not remove it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a peace of mind! Technical support was always willing to help.

instagram 06.11.2019 в 15:37

Priscilla Stephens

Bought a whaspy, never launched it because daughter's phone was damaged beyond repair and decided not to buy another one until she was more responsible. Six days after purchase, contacted company for a refund as their website says full refund within 14 days of purchase. Received an initial response that I don't qualify for refund since their refund policy basically states they don't give refunds for any reason other than a faulty product. After continuous communication, we did agree on a mutually acceptable compromise. While I do believe the company should offer a better refund policy, they were fair with me.

email 02.11.2019 в 12:02


Thank you for sharing your experience!
We regret to hear that you didn't have a chance to try out or service. All decisions regarding refunds are taken in accordance with refund policy:
Our Billing Managers will contact you within a short period of time to effectively resolve your issue. 
Thank you for understanding and cooperation!

02.11.2019 в 18:34

Lemke Dangelo

I looked at several monitoring apps before choosing Whaspy for their ability to monitor many aspects of the target phone. The launch instructions were very straight forward and was accomplished quickly. I was quickly able to obtain necessary information on the target phone. I enjoyed the GPS feature, but quickly learned that it uses cell phone towers to ping locations in rural areas, not a problem but a little confusing at first. I would recommend this service!

tw 28.10.2019 в 18:04

Amar Abhijeet

Is it legal to use this app in the USA? Thanks

instagram 11.10.2019 в 19:44


Yes, it is if you want to monitor your kids or employees company-owned phones or restore your own WhatsApp account.

04.03.2024 в 10:53


This application is just amazing. It has at least several great features. First, you can simultaneously use it on several devices running on different platforms. Second, it works very discreetly and quickly. And the most important thing is that you don’t have to download some suspicious software to your device because everything is done online. And that is cool.

email 18.09.2019 в 22:44

Eric Parr

very good company and very kind help desk. the best!!!

facebook 14.09.2019 в 08:13


Can someone please tell me in easy to understand steps how do I work this software?Do I download app to my computer or to the phone I’m trying to track?

gmail 13.09.2019 в 10:50


You can find further instructions on the page

13.09.2019 в 14:28

Jenkins Annabell

Very easy app, especially to those who aren't techy like me. Every time I needed help on something, I always got help from someone through their 24/7 customer service chat. definitely recommend it!

facebook 10.09.2019 в 01:39

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